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Sunday, August 9, 2009

wussupp..this post actually are from previous is about my wife was registered as KPJ Selangor Medical Centre patient because of her pregnant..she was doing check up for her monthly check starting as today on 31july 2009..the doctor has been advise how to be a mother,how to care our life etc..and also scan for our baby..opss our fetus..still not baby yet..and we both can see only small like 'nuts'...

now our baby are about 8 weeks..wuuu so fast meh...the estimated due date is on 7march2010...ehhe...actually our last wedding reception before was on 7june2009..its on the dot on our 9month after our i need to study on how to be a good father and to care of my wife...see u then...babai...

Friday, August 7, 2009

not feeling well

ouh..not so well stomach going crazy...feel lazy to work..especially today is week will bring my wife to uniten to collect her convo dress..and also her rehersal on friday....need to take a leave only for her..she is everything for me..bcoz she will be a mummy..hehehehehhe..she was pregnant after our wedding day on last june..congratez to me..hehe..luv u mummy...bye-bye....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My first blog

Hi all! this is my first post on my blog coz i have just create this blog account..nothing much to at office now surfing internet is my job scope..haha..see u on next post..babai..!